The Study In College

The study in college is very important to get my job. I choose this subject, because I think about my study every time in college. Cultural subjects are going to be hard to get good grades. So, I must study hard enoughly. It is going to take 2 years more than now to get my final degree. I want to graduate as a good student in my class, and get a good job. It is very important to get good grade. It alse gives me a accomplishment. I love that.

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My Dream

My dream is to be a CEO of electric coporation, because it is related with my major. This  job is very difficult. So I must prepare many things. First, As I am a student. I must study hard for my major, because it is closely related with my dream. Second, I must have a job related with my major, because I must have many, many moneys. Third, I must grow up my business, and I want to make it bigger and bigger.  I want to make my business the best in the world. It’s my dream. After My dream come true, I will marry with my lover. happy wife, happy son&daughter, happy family. I want to be a happiest man in the world.

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Topic 2:Describe How Your Life Is Now.

These days, I’m falling in love with my girl friend.

I had expected love with her so much time before.

I love her eyes, nose, lip, voice, gesture, smile and hair style.

In other word, I love her everything.

When she smile to me,I feel so good.

She like an angel,and she change my life.

These days, my life is only she.

My ideas are always related with her.

I want to make smile her every time, because it makes me feel good, too.^ㅅ^

Always I love her. Always..

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My Plan of This Month

I have several plans in this month.

First, I will study Toeic with my study group.

I want to raise my score over than 850.

I really really want to make that.

Because, I want to go to KATUSA.

Second, I will read a book once a week.

I want my life is better than before.

Third, I will exercise every day.

It is very important to maintain healthy.

Health is always first.

I really want to success this plans ^_^

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I Saw a Movie

Yesterday, I saw a movie. the movie’s name is ‘My Name Is Khan’ .

I went to Sang-Moo’s theater with my mom.  The traffic was so crowded.

Maybe, It was because of weekend’s effect.

At first, the movie was little boring.

But, at last, I was very impressed.

It was giving us a religion message.

I remind that there are no different in human’s personality.

Even though they have another God and thought.

Just there are two kinds of people; The Bads or The Kinds.

 It was as instructive as Aesop’s Fable to me.

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My favorite Music

My favorite Music is ‘Chocolate legs’ that sung by Eric Benet. Eric Benet is a singer that known well for sweet melody and chord. I like Eric Benet’s songs as this reason. His main genre is Ballad. It heal my mind&soul.

the lyrics is like this.

This world has up and gone crazy
I’m out here working trying to make it
Girl, it’s so rough in this city
There ain’t no resting for the weary
So baby feel me, I need something to feel
So my spirit can heal, babe
I need you to wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
So when I come home tonight, you’ll make everything alright
When you gon’ wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
The memory of my day will quickly just fade away
When you come wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
Please baby, wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
Your cocoa skin against mine, babe
Is all I need to help revive me
Just touch me and I feel pure, pure love
You’re the only thing I’m ever sure of, your love I’m sure of
I need some reminding that God is still, He’s still behind me
So baby, come take my soul and set me free
When you come wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
So when I come home tonight, you’ll make everything alright
When you come wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
I need you to understand and make me glad I’m a man
Deep inside you that’s where I need to be
Oh baby, just wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
Hold on, hold on
I only need you to wrap ’round me
Hold on, hold on
Don’t let go, baby, don’t let go
I need some reminding that God is still, He’s still behind me
I want you to know how much you mean to me
When you come wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
Oh, oh, tonight, I want you to make things right
Baby, come wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
I need you to understand and make me glad I’m a man

Well..The rylics is so ashamed. But the melody is sweet.

I want to you must listen this music. When midnight like so dark and many stars are in the sky. It will be so nice.

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April 4th

One person who has died but whom I would like to meet and chat with is 흥선대원군. There are three reasons why I would like to meet face to face with 흥선대원군.

Firts of all, The reason is Japan. If he look out Japan, We didn’t undergo Japan’s direction. If he built up the military strength, We didn’t undergo the terrible situation, so, I want to meet hi in the past, and, want to give him a advise.

Second, He didn’t accept the Western’s culture&production. He didn’t like Western, because, He could loose his authority by the Western’s authority, so, he blocked the western’s culture&products. It’s cause a delay of Korea’s growth of science, So, I want to talk to him. ‘Your thinking is wrong.’

Thirld, I want to get many truth of our history. Many history was distorted by Japan, so, I want to know the truth of our history.

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